Supplier ethical statement

Streamline Corporate is the supplier for the LSHTM Gift Store.

Streamline Corporate Ethical Statement

This statement reflects the collective values to which Streamline Corporate's supply chain and employees aspire. These statements are reflective of a workforce and company that cares about individuals and about serving the best interests of our many clients.

Our values are the basis of our corporate activity and supply chain management:

  1. Accountable -  We set and measure our own standards, and we own mistakes.
  2. Committed -  We go the extra mile for our clients and our customers.
  3. Enterprising -  We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo when necessary
  4. Honest -  We are open to constructive feedback and support others

Our accreditations:

  • ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System
  • Living Wage - voluntarily taking a stand to ensure our employees earn a wage which is enough to live on.

Our impact as a company is acutely scrutinised by management.  All team members involved in supply chain and production are held accountable to our guidelines for ethical supply chain:

No forced labour
Factories allow trade union activity
Suitable workplace health and safety
No child labour
Reasonable working hours
No known cases of discrimination
No history of inhuman treatment.

 All factories must sign an agreement to cover our commitment to:

  • ISO9001 Quality Management
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management
  • Modern Slavery Act 2015

The base to our code of conduct comes from the UN Global Compact -